Calamari Roll Sandwich

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Calamari Salad

The Calamari Roll is a modern twist on the classic and traditional sandwich.

To enjoy our special Calamari Roll Sandwich, first sauté minced garlic and dried red chili pepper flakes together until garlic becomes fragrant, then add sliced cabbage and sauté altogether until the sliced cabbage is cooked thoroughly. Spread some butter onto the sliced baguette and fry until golden. Enrich the taste by adding some Swiss or American cheese onto the bread and wait until melted.

To complete this delicious dish, combine the sautéed cabbage and our delicious calamari salad and place on top of the sliced baguette.

For an extra kick, you can add Japanese mayonnaise on the top half of the baguette.


   The crispiness of the lightly toasted roll matches perfectly with our tender calamari!

Calamari Roll Sandwich